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Famed Racer, Dago Red Sold

    20th May 2009

Dago Red

Ryan and Greg Costo's dream of bringing Dago Red back to the winner's circle at the Reno Air Races, fell short. Costo's sold the famed multi-year champion in May 2009 to Frank Taylor. Taylor was one of the original creators of Dago Red back in 1981. Taylor is joined by three others in a partnership to add a 7th first place trophy for Dago Red.

Last year in 2008, Dago Red was flown by Dan Martin and powered by a Sparrow Rolls-Royce V-12 and came up just a bit short finishing in 2nd place. The crew put together a very successful week and even flew home with the race motor. Dago Red was in Hollister, being rebuilt for the 2009 races, but that came to an abrupt stop - no warning for the crew that was working on Dago Red every day. The racer was broken down, put on a flatbed truck and sent to Chino. Hopes for any showing in 2009 are doubtful.

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