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    1st January 2011

New Registrations
N395WR, 44-72395, Centerline Holdings
N426QA, 42-103100, John Muszala, Idaho Falls, ID
N514L, 122-31887, Centerline Holdings
N551LR, 44-63762, Centerline Holdings
N722WR, 44-72254, Elbert Maples, Nashville TN
N926EW, 44-72299, Eric Waters, Bulverde TX
P-51 Mustang
Tom Dean sold 44-74494 "Mustang Sally" to Menno Parsons of South Africa.
P-51 Mustang
Big surprise, Jimmy Leeward sold his long-time air racer "Cloud Dancer" to Philip Petrick of Sidney Montana. Leeward will be concentrating on finishing his other racer, N79111 "The Galloping Ghost". His plans are to bring it to the Reno Air Races pursuing Gold.
P-51 Mustang
Paul Besterveld purchased N2051D from long-time owner, Dick Bjelland. The P-51 will remain "This is It" but will have some restoration work done including a polished fuselage.
P-51 Mustang
John Vesely purchased N5482V, 44-73343 changed the reg to N551JV and will be finishing the restoration as "Live Bait". Midwest Aero Restoration is doing the work so you know this is going to be a winner.
P-51 Mustang
The Friedkin Air Force sold off N63476, 44-63476 to Claire Aviation.

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