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Gordon Plaskett - P-51 Mustang Restorer 1935 - 2013

    1st March 2013

Gordon Plaskett, a P-51 owner, restorer, pilot and trainer, passed away on Feb 26 2013. His restorations date back to 1974 at his shop in King City CA. Gordon also trained pilots in a TF-51. He owned several P-51s during his time including the famed Crazy Horse TF-51 N851D. Plaskett worked as a crop duster in the Salinas Valley which is just northwest from King City CA.

Image courtesy of the Plaskett Family
Plaskett restored Vlado's "Moonbeam McSwine", N851D "TF-662", N555BM "Barbara M 4th", N2051D "This is It", N4151D "TF-660" and probably more. He also purchased spares from Haiti and from Cavalier Aircraft. He was good friends with Cavalier owner David B. Lindsay Jr. who owned the Cavalier Aircraft Corporation.

Blue Skies to another fine P-51 Steward ... Gordon Plaskett

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