The North American P-51 Mustang
Nellis 2004
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P-51 Mustang at Nellis 2004
Aviation Nation Walkabout
story and photos by Curtis Fowles

After looking at these shots from my walkabout at the Nellis Show, I noticed right away that I was busy near the flightline most of the day and did not take too many static display shots. There were many displays to check out including the USAF un-manned aircraft on display. I'd like to see them fly next year (hint). There were lots of other jets on display and even a WWI Sopwith. That was really cool.

45-11525.cf1.8205t.jpg 7938t.jpg 7951t.jpg B-17_8271t.jpg BF-109_8257t.jpg BF-109_8261t.jpg BF-109_8262t.jpg DSC_7953t.jpg F-22_8265t.jpg F-22_8268t.jpg F-22_8270t.jpg Firefly_7918t.jpg

With the Sopwith and the F/A-22 we have aviation spanning around 85 years! To see all the static displays and the air show you should plan on attending both days of Aviation Nation. Get out your calender and put down 12-13 November 2005 as a do not miss date in Vegas.

GlacierGirl_7948t.jpg bf109.7893t.jpg dago.7760t.jpg dakotakid.8236t.jpg dakotakid.8237t.jpg dakotakid_8204t.jpg dakotakid_8225t.jpg dakotakid_8249t.jpg f117_7804t.jpg f16_7954t.jpg firefly_8201t.jpg missamerica.7743t.jpg

If you come next year, make sure you get there early. Flying starts at about 9am so you have to move fast to see everything. Gates open at 8am so you can get a jump on the static displays before the flying starts.

preciousmetal.7756t.jpg preciousmetal.7757t.jpg precmetal_8272t.jpg rarebear_7751t.jpg rarebear_7758t.jpg ridgerunner.7755t.jpg shooter_8202t.jpg thundermustang_7726t.jpg valhalla_8205t.jpg voodoo.7740t.jpg voodoo_7737t.jpg voodoo_7738t.jpg