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44-12016 N98CF "Fragile but Agile"
Comanche Fighters, Tx
P-51 Survivor 44-12016 N98CF
Status: Flying
NAA Type: P-51K-10NT
Serial #: 44-12016
Registry: N98CF
.. past:   4X-AIM
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History: 44-12016 N98CF "Fragile but Agile"

P-51 Identity Confusion in Israel. 2 P-51s using serial# 44-63864

At some point 44-63864 was registered 4X-AIM in Israel. N251L crashed in Iceland on a ferry flight to the US. It has the placard with serial# 44-63864. The wreckage is moved and stored in the US, later purchased by Ron Fagen.

1986: SE-BKG, Novida AB/Flygexpo, Sweden
Upon arrival in Sweden, paint was stripped, and it is reported that Swedish markings were found on the wings. In the tail the placard with the RSwAF number of 26158 was reported to be found.

2002: March/April, sold, The Fighter Collection, Duxford UK, ferried (flown) to the UK in early April 2002.
2002: Apr 29, G-CBNM, Stephen Grey / Fighter Collection, Duxford UK, registry as 44-63864
2003: flying as "Twilight Tear", former WWII 78th FG colors.
2007: word is that "Twilight Tear" is coming over the USA for the Gathering of Mustangs and Legends in September
2007: N98CF, Dan Friedkin, Houston TX
2007: shortly after the GML, Twilight Tear was flown back to Chino for a complete restoration by Fighter Rebuilders in Chino

Serial# changed to 44-12016. N251L now holds 44-63864.

2010: May 06, N98CF, Comanche Fighters LLC / Dan Friedkin, Houston TX
2010: Summer - first flight
2010: September, painted and looking very good.
2011: June, shipped to Duxford for the July Flying Legends. John, Steve and Steven Hinton were putting all the pieces together.
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