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44-72811 D-FBUN
Stefan Bungarten, Freiburg Airfield Germany
P-51 Survivor 44-72811 D-FBUN
Status: Flying
NAA Type: P-51D-25NA
Serial #: 44-72811
Registry: D-FBUN
.. past:   N268BD
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History: 44-72811 D-FBUN

195?: NJ ANG, 119th FS
1955: Universal Studios, Hollywood CA

1980: recovered mainplane from Universal Studios w/ parts from Israeli P-51, Pete Regina / Ascher Ward
1981: photo of N268BD at CAF Harlington (Oct) in bare metal, no markings

1983: N268BD, Phil "Buck" Dear, Terry MS, restoration at Chino. Flew as "Big Beautiful Doll"
1987: N268BD, Bob Byrne, Bloomington MI, "Checkered Mustang"
1988: N251RC, Bob Converse, Sister OR
1989: N471R, Bob Converse, "Huntress III"
2006: August, N471R, Bob Hannah Aviation Sales
2007: sold to a group in Germany
2010: D-FBUN, Stephan Bungarten, Germany

From Dick Phillips:
44-72811 was retired from the the 119th FS NJ ANG in May 1955 and sold to Universal Studios, and was later used in the film, BATTLE HYMN. The center section of the fuselage was rescued from the movie backlot in the 1970's and mated to wings and other components from a mustang obtained from Israel by the Regina Brothers. While under restoration, the aircraft was sold to Phillip Dear of Terry, MS who completed the work. It was finished as "Big Beautiful Doll" and registered as N268BD, for his nickname, "Buck Dear". In 1987, Bob Byrne of Bloomfield MI bought it and changed the paint to "CHECKERED MUSTANG". In 1988, Byrne sold it to Bob Converse of Sisters, OR and it became N471R and repainted as "Huntress III".
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