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44-73832 N117E "Hurry Home Honey"
Harry Hunewill, NV
P-51 Survivor 44-73832 N117E
Status: Crashed/Destroyed - 92
NAA Type: P-51D-25NA
Serial #: 44-73832
Registry: N117E
.. past:   N2873D
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History: 44-73832 N117E "Hurry Home Honey"

1957: surplus, McClellan AFB Sacramento CA, as N2873D, also rep. as N2773D
1957: Sep 05, N2873D, surplus, Ben Widtfeldt, Scottsdale AZ, $790
1957: Sep 19, N2873D, sale, American Aircraft Sales, Hayward CA
1957: Oct 05, N2873D, sale, James Sorenson, Minneapolis, MN
1957: Oct 11, N2873D, Inspection, TT: 1710 hrs, Engine TT: 121 hrs
1958: Feb 15, N2873D, sale, Lang Aircraft, Omaha NE
1959: Jan 24, N2873D, sale, Max Biegert, Phoenix AZ
1959: Apr 22, N117E, reg, Max Biegert, Phoenix AZ
1962: Oct 23, N117E, sale, John Collinge, Scottsdale AZ
1963: Nov 13, N117E, sale, Edward I Gilbert / Robert Petley / Arthur L Batty, Phoenix AZ
1963: Dec 24, N117E, sale, Ivan L Cluff, Queen Creek AZ
1965: Mar 29, N117E, sale, Frank Sanders, Phoenix AZ
1967: Mar 12, N117E, sale, David Webster, Glendo WY
1975: Jan 28, N117E, sale, Johnny C Williams, Tampa FL
1976: Sep 02, N117E, sale, Scott P Smith, Orlando FL
1978: Feb 15, N117E, crashed, "Color Me Gone", lost power and collided with poles on short final shearing off the wings and most of the tail. Pilot escaped without injury.
1980: Jan 15, N117E, sale, Johnny C Williams, Tampa FL
1980: Feb 14, N117E, sale, Margaret J Plumb, Altomonte Springs FL
1983: Feb 01, N117E, sale, Gary McCann, Tampa FL, rest. project
1985: Feb 01, N117E, sale, Doug Clark / Clark Aviation Corp, Daytona Beach FL, rebuild
1988: N117E, first-flight, painted as "Hurry Home Honey"
1989: May 10, N117E, sale, Bob Byrne, Bloomfield MI
1989: Dec 12, N117E, sale, Harvey Hunewill / H.E. Hunewill Construction, Wellington NV
1992: Nov 21, N117E, crashed, Wellington NV, Hunewill killed
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