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44-74694 I-BILL
, UK
P-51 Survivor 44-74694 I-BILL
Status: Crashed 1977
NAA Type: P-51D-30NA
Serial #: 44-74694
Registry: I-BILL
.. past:   N7720C
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History: 44-74694 I-BILL
1958: surplus, McClellan AFB Sacramento CA
1958: Feb 17, sale, Edmund Menke, Chicago IL, Bill of Sale recorded Oct 15 1958
1958: Dec 09, N7720C, reg, Edmund Menke, Chicago IL
1960: Jul 24, N7720C, sale, Marshall Ratliffe, Battle Creek MI
1963: May, N7720C, crashed, Pelston MI, flipped over - no paper record of crash or repairs (photos of crash)
1963: Aug 24, N7720C, sale, Stephen Van Every, Charlotte NC
1963: Aug 24, N7720C, sale, Sam Whatley / Charles Butler, Mt. Clemens MI
1966: Aug 24, N16S, reg, Sam Whatley / Charles Butler, Mt. Clemens MI
1966: Aug 17, N16S, sale, Louis Long, Aberdeen SD
1967: Jun 12, N16S, sale, Gerald Tyler, Ellenton FL, Tyler was General Mgr for Cavalier Aircraft Corp
1968: Jan 11, N6851D, reg, Gerald Tyler, Ellenton FL
1968: Feb 15, N6851D, upgrades, Cavalier Aircraft Corp
1969: Mar 27, N6851D, deregistration, cancelled for export to Italy
1969: ferried to Italy
1969: I-BILL, sale, Ditta Billi, Florence Italy
1977: I-BILL, sale, Ormond Haydon-Baillie, Canada
1977: Jul 03, crashed, Mainz Germany, Haydon-Baillie killed
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  Dick Phillips   Warbird Images  
  Jim Hess Sr.    
  Dave Richardson    
  Terry Fox    
  Paul Sibson    
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  Ray Barber    
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