The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 155
44-63675     N1751D     Closed
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P-51 Who 155
Case#: 155
Date: Feb 10 2002
By: Dick Phillips
Status: Closed
Serial: 44-63675
Registry: N1751D
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Roger Baker
02/12/2002 20:36
Is it N5452V (Dave Allender)? Later, N1751D....
Jacques Bourguignon
02/16/2002 10:12
Case # 155 is P-51D s/n 44-63675 N1751D, carrying a mixture of markings it wore while in USAAF service as Sierra Sue and as Fv 26152 with the Royal Swedish Air Force. The plane also operated with the air force of Nicaragua and was 0btained by Dr. Christgau in 1977 ( Source: Air Classics, Volume 38, Number 3 ).
David Lindauer
02/16/2002 11:19
This is of course the USAAF combat veteran 44-63675, N1751D, which has been with Roger Christgau in Minnesota since the 1970s. The markings shown here are a mix of those it wore with the USAAF in Europe as E6*D, "Sierra Sue II," plus it's later markings with the Royal Swedish Air Force as Fv26152, "Gul Kalle." Sold by the Swedes to the Nicaragua National Guard, it is said to have been damaged on its delivery flight, then displayed outdoors. (Was a FAN or GN serial number ever issued to this one?) MACO brought it back to the US in the early 1960s. Dave Allender flew and race modified it (F1 style canopy and clipped wingtips) before passing it to Christgau. Other former ID's include N5452V, "Wayfarers Club," Race #19, and "Spirit of San Diego."
Dan Johnson
02/18/2002 11:50
Easy one. "Doc" Christgau flying 9th AF vet, Swedish AF vet and Nicaraguan vet Mustang 44-63675 "Sierra Sue II"
Joseph Scheil
02/18/2002 18:54
A famous mustang, Sierra Sue II wearing her composite Swedish/USAAF Markings. It is not too far from the truth as the E6-D was etched into her skin in such a pronounced way that even the pictures of her Swedish service show the code letters. 44-63675, Fv26152 and N5452V "Wayfarers Club Lady" Race 19 and then N1751D "Sierra Sue II"
Jasmin Klacar
02/20/2002 02:40
I'm probably the biggest P-51 fan in Bosnia. Here is what I know about that specific Mustang. This is a P-51D "Sierra Sue II", s/n 44-63675 (NL1751D). It sports a very interesting combination of markings, US on the left side and Swedish on the right. It was one of the 160+ P-51s in service with the Swedish "Flygvapen" during late '40s and early '50s. In fact, most of today's surivors have actually been in Swedish service before being sold to various Latin American countries and slowly finding their way to the US. "Sierra Sue II's" current owner and pilot is Dr. Roger Christgau.
Hans Brueggeman
02/22/2002 10:43
Dear Sirs, ... 44-63675 ... greetings from germany
William T Lamb
02/24/2002 16:53
This should be Doctor Roger Christgau's N1751D and carries a mixture of markings it carried when in service with the USAAF in WWII,and with the Royal Swedish Air Force
03/01/2002 12:00
OK, so it was not that hard, even kind of easy. Thanks for all the answers.
Andy Beckel
07/09/2010 19:48
I grew up in Austin, near the airport. I recall in 1985 or so when this plane showed up in the skies above Austin, and running to the airport to see this plane come in for a landing. You could always recognize the sound right away when it came to town. I check in on it most times when I'm in town. It's still in the hangar down there. I don't think it's been up in a while.
jim hanson
08/26/2011 16:35
Dr. Christgau just sold his Mustang and it will be fully restored in the next two years in Bemidji, MN. I think it will be restored to "Sierra Sue II. I have known Dr. Christgau for over twenty years and up until he quit flying it about four years ago, he use to bring it over our farm in Grand Meadow along with another Mustang! I have been privileged to be able to see this historic Mustang anytime at the Austin MN airport. It is one of the few Mustangs that still has a lot of the original equipment in the cockpit that was installed in 1944. It will be missed around here, but it will be exciting to see how it comes out over the next two years! the new owner is a good friend of Dr. Christgau's and he gave him and the P-51 a royal sendoff last Wednesday night at the Austin airport!
Scott Gravning
09/17/2011 15:54
I first saw Sierra Sue II in the mid 90's in an airshow at Flying Cloud airport Eden Prairie, MN. Met John Christgau, Doc's brother, who wrote an amazing book about this plane. Also had the opportunity to meet and talk with Bob Bohna, a WWII pilot who flew her late in the war. Followed this plane over the years, she really is an amazing story. Previous post mentioned a good friend of Doc's is the proud new owner. Glad to hear it's being restored. Really would enjoy seeing it fly again. The plane and its story is amazing - a real legacy.
Doug Stitt
12/08/2011 18:10
I just came across a 1944/1945 photo of my dad, Sgt Dean Stitt, sitting on the front left wing of this plane. I'm not sure where in the European Theater the photo was taken but he was with the 402nd stationed in Belgium. That's fantastic that this bird still flys!
jim hanson
03/08/2012 18:51
To Doug Stitt, please contact me about your father sitting on Sierra Sue II. I have many current photos of this P-51 (ref. to my message above). We are trying to locate any wartime photos of Sierra Sue II. I live in Grand Meadow MN 507-754-5602. This P-51 is being restored back to as it was in 1944-45.
Judy Jasperson
05/19/2016 10:40
Sierra Sue II flies again! The restoration was completed in 2015 by AirCorps Aviation in Bemidji, MN. She received the Reserve Grand Champion award at the 2015 AirVenture in Oshkosh. SSII is back at Flying Cloud Airport in Eden Prairie, MN and is the centerpiece of the Wings of the North Air Museum.
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P-51 Mustang

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