The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 160
44-72777     N151D     Closed
Solved by: Lindauer, Smigla, Martin
P-51 Who 160
Case#: 160
Date: Feb 20 2002
Photo: 1995
Status: Closed
Serial: 44-72777
Registry: N151D
P-51 Who? Viewer Responses
David Lindauer
02/25/2002 23:04
Clearly one of the Mustangs flown in HBO's "The Tuskegee Airmen" during 1995, but which one? Choices:

Dan Martin's 44-72483 N151DM, "Ridge Runner III"
Steve Seghetti's 44-72777 N151D, "Sparky" (ex "Singapore Sally")
Jimmy Leeward's 44-84615 NL55JL, "Cloud Dancer"
DK Warbirds' 45-11558, N514DK "The Healer" (then owned by Joe Kasparoff).

All of these have carried 44-72xxx serials at one time or another, so that's no help. "Cloud Dancer" doesn't have a radio antenna mast, so that leaves three.

I'm not certain, but my guess is that we're looking at Steve Seghetti's "Singapore Sally."
Lynn Allen II
02/28/2002 21:58
My guess is Jimmy Leeward or maybe Dan Martin during the making of The Tuskegee Airman.
Eric Martin
03/05/2002 18:04
This photo was taken during the filming of the Tuskegee airmen for HBO films, and it's either Steve Seghetti, Jimmy Leeward, or Dan Martin.
Larry Smigla
03/05/2002 22:19
This appears to be sparky, number 44 owned by steve seghetti and flown by his son Brant Seghetti. Steve lives in Klamath Falls Oregon and Brant lives in Vacaville California, painted in Tuskegee airmen markings for the hbo movie, Tuskegee airmen, flown i believe by either Art Vance or Dan Martin. a/c based at the infamous nut tree airport in Vacaville California, races at Reno as 44 and 68 sparky, once painted as top cover, former world war ii combat aircraft with confirmed kills, a/c registered as n151d
03/15/2002 12:00
Everyone knew it was from the HBO movie but we cut out the last digits of the call number on the tail, because that would be much too simple. And who is in the cockpit? It is Art Vance flying Steve Seghetti's N151D.
john westpfahl
11/23/2014 11:52
Hello...I have been privileged to have worked as an aircraft inspector with a gentleman named "Bill Szigeti between 1960 & 200+at Pan AM. Bill is/was a genuine character who flew as a B17 belly gunner in Europe, was wounded, recuperated in England where he met/married his wife, had two kids and worked/lived on LI in NY. If I have misspelled Segheti, maybe we have. a family connection. Hopefully I haven't wasted your time, Bill was on everyone's favorite list who worked a Pan Am....Sincerely JOHN WESTPFAHL
Case Closed!
P-51 Mustang

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