The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 163
44-74474     N6341T     Closed
Solved by: Too many to list
P-51 Who 163
Case#: 163
Date: Mar 08 2002
By: James P. Church
Status: Closed
Serial: 44-74474
Registry: N6341T
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David Lindauer
03/10/2002 19:26
Hanging over my desk I have a shot that I took of "Rascal" taking off from Breckenridge, Texas in May, 1983 at the annual airshows/parties thrown by Howard Pardue, Bill Arnot, Nelson Ezell, and the rest of the Breckenridge gang. Then owned by Bob Byrne, "Rascal" is N6341T, 44-74474, one of the many aircraft passed from the USAF to the RCAF, to DeFuria/Ritts, and finally Aero Enterprises before being sold to various individual buyers. "Rascal" is now well know to many, painted as Bid Anderson's "Old Crow" (44-14450) with Jack Roush.
Vlado Lenoch
03/10/2002 20:41
N6341T...........once had a beautiful red-white-gold civil paint. Repainted this gawdy scheme after Bob Byrne of Detroit got it. Now belongs to Jack Rousch.
Jay Cullum
03/11/2002 15:28
owned by Bob Byrne, who bought and sold a number of mustangs in the early 80's.
Lynn Allen II
03/13/2002 19:35
My guess is Bob Byrne's 1st mustang. Nice photo.
Rich Bonneau
03/15/2002 15:04
Bob Byrnes' Rascal.
Paul Coggan
03/18/2002 18:51
I think this is 44-74474 N6341T when owned by Bob Byrne in Michigan. Currently Jack Rousch.
Dick Phillips
03/22/2002 20:00
This is N6341T 44-74474 when owned by Bob Byrne in Detroit. It is now Jack Roush's OLD CROW.
Mark Hrutkay
03/31/2002 12:00
Bob Byrn's Rascal Parked at Detroit City Airport, probably early 80s or so N6341T (now? N51RZ) 44-74474
craig gilbert
05/18/2010 07:37
I used to work for Bob Byrne & his daughter Kate in DC in the early 80s. Is he still alive?
jon lofgren
11/28/2014 11:40
My father is the man who owned n6341t with the red white black and gold civil paint job that Valdo Lenoch is talking about.Dad is still here and doing well.I think the number n6341t has been written off
Case Closed!
P-51 Mustang

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