The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 176
44-72216     G-BIXL     Closed
Solved by: Chris Abrey, Dave Evans, Tom Tummers, Mike Schreeve
P-51 Who 176
Case#: 176
Date: Jun 15 2002
By: Dick Phillips
Status: Closed
Serial: 44-72216
Registry: G-BIXL
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Chris Abrey
06/15/2002 14:03
Case 176 is Robs Lamplough's Miss Helen G-BIXL, taken at North Weald, I would guess shortly after the restoration was first completed, before she went into the Memphis Belle markings, as this scheme looks a little different from the one she currently wears.
Dave Evans
06/24/2002 14:30
Looks like Ros lamplough's G-BIXL, outside his hangar at North Weald.
Tom Tummers
06/25/2002 16:17
01/09/45: Delivered USAAF 487th FS, 352 FG, 8th AF
WWII Vet: coded HO M(bar) "Miss Helen" flown by Capt. Raymond Littge
and "Miss Nita" flown by Lt. Russell Ross
1947: Swedish AF 26116 F4, later F16 coded gF
1953: sold to Israeli AF IDFAF 2343?
1976: Recoverd from Israel (Robert Lamplough)
1981: G-BIXL
1987: restored Duxford using 44-72770 , flew as 472216 HO L, HO M
Flew in Memphs Belle film as "Miss L"
2000: restored to WWII markings of "Miss Helen"
Michael Shreeve
07/01/2002 09:11
Robs Lamplough's G-BIXL, at North Weald shortly after painting as Raymond Littge's HO-M, 352nd FG scheme. A somewhat short-lived scheme in 1989, soon repainted in OD as 'Miss L' for filming 'Memphis Belle', this aircraft was painted back into this scheme last year, with the addition of the name 'Miss Helen'
Oliver Holmes
11/10/2008 20:01
This aircraft sufferd a heavy landing on the 13th July 2008 ending up with a broken undercart leg and shock loaded engine. As of November 2008 she is still sitting at Duxford awaiting repairs.
Case Closed!
P-51 Mustang

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