The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 183
A68-198     N286JB     Closed
Solved by: Mark Hrutkay, David Daly
P-51 Who 183
Case#: 183
Date: Jul 01 2002
By: Dan Linn
Photo: FF-483
Status: Closed
Serial: A68-198
Registry: N286JB
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Mark Hrutkay
07/15/2002 11:34
N286JB Fox 51 Ltd Photo from Oshkosh mid 80's (I was there), without looking it up, I can't say where its at now.
David Daly
08/12/2002 23:00
This mustang started out with RAAF as A68-198 and now flies as Short Fuse Salle check the listing on this site for the full history. Another Aussie mustang that got away...
Bill Eaton
08/24/2002 16:30
The 1987 book "Mustang Survivors" by Paul Coggan lists N286JB as being owned by Fox 51 Ltd, Denton Texas. Previous reg listed as N4674V. The book lists it under the heading: "CAC-Manufactured Mustangs in the USA." and "CA-18 Mk 22, A68-198 [1523]."

Here's more on this one from the Warbirds Worldwide Directory:

RAAF BOC 5.51: SOC 4/58
Fawcett Aviation, Sydney-Bankstown, New South Wales, 1961-68
(open storage Bankstown 61-68)
Arnold J. Glass, Sydney, NSW, 1966-68
Ed Fleming/Skyservice Aviation, Camden NSW, 1968
Stanley Booker/Stan Air Inc., Fresno CA, 1968
(shipped to USA, noted at Bakersfield CA 11/68)
N65198, Joe Banducci & Elmer Rossi, Bakersfield, 1968-70
N4674V (second allocation of reg), Banducci/Rossi, 1970-77
(adopted id. 45-11483/A68-813/N4674V) (Race #86 "Ciuchetton)
N607D--not taken up, 1976
N86JB, Joe Banducci, Bakersfield CA (Race 86) 10/77-82
N286JB, Banducci, 3/82
Don Whittington, Fort Lauderdale FL, 1984
Frank Strickler/Fox 51 Ltd, Denton TX, 1985-88
Lewis Shaw/Fox 51 Ltd, Dallas TX, 1989-90 (flew as "511483/FF-483")
Victor Huluska/Santa Monica Propeller, CA, 1991
Flying Eagles Inc., Wilmington DE, 1991
Franklin Devaux/Apache Aviation, Dijon France, 5/91
(shipped to France ex Chino 91)
F-AZIE, Lafayette Aviation/Flying Legend Assoc., Dijon-Longvic, 1/9/92-96
(flew as 511483/"The Best Years of Our Lives")
Badly damaged, inflight fire, forced landing, Dijon 5/9/1993
(rebuilt 1994 as 415622/AJ-T/"Short Fuse Sallee"
Ray Carlson
12/06/2011 08:39
In 1985, Frank Strickler, Fox 51 Ldt, Denton Tx. Purchased the aircraft. I rebuild the electrical systems from the RCR foward due to a previous owner using a miss wired ground power cable. At that time Frank pulled the engine and overhauled the transport engine before reinstallation. The aircraft was immaculate and in the 4 years he had it, I don't think it flew more than 5 hours. At the same time Johnny Rutherford (Indy fame) was a co-owner in FOX 51 and also had a nice "D" model which I managed to fly a couple of times.
David Lawrence
03/24/2015 21:18
In 1983 Piper Aircraft leased N286JB from Don Whittington. We used this aircraft for proficiency and Chase during the Enforcer Development Program in Lakeland, Florida. I flew this great aircraft for almost 100 hours. Great Fun. There were two other pilots that logged time in the aircraft - Larry Lee and Jerry Singleton flew proficiency and chase flights. On a flight to Orlando Executive to get the radiator repaired by Pet and Richard Lauderback I gave Lee Lauderback (Stallion 51) a ride and promptly ground looped the aircraft on landing - Darrel Skurrich rebuilt the aircraft in Fort Collins, CO. When the ground loop occurred, there was a left quartering headwind (8 - 10 knots) - I learned why you don't three point a Mustang with clipped ailerons. From then on, I tucked my silk scarf in my flight suit and did only tail low wheel landings - even an arrogant test pilot can learn a thing or two.
Michael Avery
04/20/2021 13:53
looking for Frank Strickler old friend Michael Avery from Denton TX my number 940-367-5537
Case Closed!
P-51 Mustang

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