The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 184
45-11582     N5441V     Closed
Solved by: Mark Hrutkay, Richard Smith, James Pera, Joe Scheil
P-51 Who 184
Case#: 184
Date: Jul 01 2002
By: Dave Hackett
Photo: Spirit of Phoenix
Status: Closed
Serial: 45-11582
Registry: N5441V
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Mark Hrutkay
07/15/2002 11:26
Currently and has been the "AIr Museum"'s P-51 from Chino, painted up for the Phoenix air races. Former "Spam Can"
Richard Smith
07/17/2002 19:28
This is Steve Hinton's Mustang. It normally flew as Spam Can, but was painted up for the Phoenix Races by Mike "Maj." McDougal.
Jim Pera
07/18/2002 11:07
This is The Air Museum's "Spam Can" painted in Incredible Universe store colors for the 1995 Phoenix 500 Air Races. The mustang was the pace plane and was also used for store promotions, etc.
Joseph Scheil
07/19/2002 00:16
The Famous Planes of Fame Mustang "Spam Can" has worn many paint jobs over the years and the Spirit of Phoenix is one of the worst ones I think...45-11582 was also a 167FS WV ANG aircraft and was surplussed at McClellan Nov 1957 and ferried home to Ed Maloney's Planes of Fame by Rev. Boardman C. Reed, a Korean war Mustang pilot among other things...The aircraft soon sported a sharkmouth as a tribute to the 18FBG in Korea, according to Ed. The aircraft is a late production Mustang and probably was intended for the Pacific Theatre as she has the fittings and holes for the ARN-8 navigation equipment on her fuselage, 2 aerials (masts) instead of one. Hopefully we can get the stuff to put back in...Fittingly in a Pacific scheme now you can still find traces of the purple on her spinner and cowling intakes...N5441V, and probably the most rides given Mustang in the world...
Case Closed!
P-51 Mustang

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