The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 34
44-74600     N512ED     Closed
Solved by: Jim Church, Tim Savage
P-51 Who 34
Case#: 34
Date: Jan 01 2000
By: Roger Cain
Photo: Boeing Field, WA 7.89
Status: Closed
Serial: 44-74600
Registry: N512ED
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Jim Church
01/12/2000 10:45
This was P-51D N512ED, which had been restored by Bob Bleeg, and first flown in 1987. It was purchased at the 1990 Museum of Flying auction by Bob Pond, of Planes of Fame east, for what was at the time a record price paid for a Mustang. Sadly, it didn't last long as it was destroyed in a fatal accident in August 1990. Killed in the accident were Pond's Chief Pilot, Kermit LeQuay, and a young passenger, who I believe was LeQuay's Stepson. I have never seen a serial number quoted for this aircraft.
Tim Savage
01/20/2000 12:34
I believe this airplane was restored by a Robert Bleeg and was sold at the Santa Monica auction to Bob Pond. I think it was N512ED that crashed with Kermit Laque (sp) at the controls shortly after the purchase.
01/29/2000 12:00
Thank you Jim Church and Tim Savage. The aircraft serial # is 44-74600. Before being restored by Robert Bleeg, this P-51 served with the Dominican AF but was never assigned. Historians speculate that it went to Cavilier through the Dominican AF as payment on their debt. This mustangs also served with Haitian AF as FAH 74600 (later 600).
Case Closed!
P-51 Mustang

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