The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 387
44-74996     N5410V     Closed
Solved by: TJ Johansen
P-51 Who 387
Case#: 387
Date: May 14 2011
By: Dick Phillips
Status: Closed
Serial: 44-74996
Registry: N5410V
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John Kerr
05/14/2011 14:38
This is N5416V, 44-84896 when owned by Lake Air Corp. Michigan City, IN.
Curtis Fowles
07/02/2011 13:22
No, not 5416V, but good guess. A color shot would tell the difference.
Trygve Johansen
07/04/2011 05:26
I was a little dubious about it being N5416V as the shape/ curvature of the black stripe on the cowl doesn't match the photos I have. From Curtis hint, and a check of photos I'm pretty sure we're talking about N5410V 44-74996, possibly shot at Gillespie Field In El Cajon, CA sometime in the 60s. This while owned by Prevost Smith's parachute company.
John Kerr
07/05/2011 11:08
After reading comment by TJ, I agree with him. It is N5410V, 44-74996. It was painted a bright Red. Keep up the good work Curtis.
Robert Brown
07/10/2011 16:51
I have a color photo of this ship with "El Cajon" on a hangar in the background. N5410V on the wings but can't see where the small numbers were on the fuselage.
Dolly Headley
04/05/2012 10:38
That was my Uncle Prevost Smith's P-51 and it was in El Cajon. There is a funny story where the first and last time he got my Aunt Aline up in it. They flew to Oregon and while in flight were almost shot down by U.S. planes. He did not have it properly identified and did not file a flight plan. Robert Brown, could you send me a jpeg image of the photo you have of it in the hanger? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you, Dolly Headley email:
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P-51 Mustang

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