The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 410
45-11582     N5441V     Closed
Solved by: Bill Lamb, Nev Dalton
P-51 Who 410
Case#: 410
Date: Mar 25 2013
By: Don Vance
Photo: Early 70's, southern California
Status: Closed
Serial: 45-11582
Registry: N5441V
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William Yoak
03/26/2013 17:25
I think this is one of several Mustangs which were acquired by Richard Vartanian during the mid 1960's. This was probably Serial #:44-74978, which was acquired by Wally McDonnell of Mojave, CA and then destroyed in a hangar fire at Shafter, CA.
William Yoak
03/26/2013 17:41
Thank you for the tribute on this website to my father following his passing . The picture of him with the Quicksilver Mustang and the comments are much appreciated.
John Kerr
03/27/2013 07:58
Going out of the limb a little on this one. Believe this to be N7711C, 44-72936. Photo possible taken at Van Nuys Airport, Ca.
Curtis Fowles
04/07/2013 19:23
No joy on the responses so far. William: He earned the praise and will be missed.
Curtis Fowles
05/05/2013 13:18
Hint: while not easy, there are enough features in this photo to match existing survivors photos - check the details - good luck!
06/01/2013 19:53
Looks similar to the one that sit in San Jose, now named "Dixie Boy", N5444V??
John Dienst
06/27/2013 06:15
Considering the unusual shade of blue on the aircraft's spinner and rudder, as well as the time period, I'd say that the Mustang is the late Mr. John Sanberg's N100DD 44-74923. Also, the photo was probably taken at Chino, California, outside of Fighter Rebuilder's facilty.
William Yoak
07/20/2013 21:34
My next "guess" is that this Mustang is the late Elmer Ward's Man o'war shortly after it was acquired from Universal Studios by Ascher Ward (no relation).Elmer purchased it from Ascher in about '74 or '75 when it was named: "Poontang".It was based at Vannuys during the early 1970's while it was under Ascher's ownership, undergoing the early stages of returning it to airworthy status . Elmer moved it to chino around 1975 where it went through a series of "improvements" before being painted in the well known Man o'war scheme.
nev dalton
07/24/2013 19:03
could this be tiger destefanis mangia pane around bakersfield.
Curtis Fowles
08/02/2013 21:09
Good guesses, but still no joy.
John Dienst did get the location correct.
T J Johansen
08/08/2013 07:37
Have looked, and looked, and looked again, but find this one somewhat tricky. My Guess would be that it is Joe Banducci/ Elmer Rossi's CA-18 A68-198 possibly regd. N4674V at this time.
nev dalton
08/15/2013 02:24
could this be 4463810 when owned by robin collard.rebuilt chino
early 70s.
nev dalton
08/15/2013 03:32
could be 4511540 chino early 70s
nev dalton
08/18/2013 22:25
could this be ed maloneys 4511582 early 70s
still tryin.
Curtis Fowles
08/31/2013 20:13
Lots of guesses flying around. One of them is correct, but I don't want to give in just yet. Looking for more than 1 person to come up with the correct P-51.
Tim O'Brien
09/19/2013 22:43
'Wild guess, but it looks to me to be one of the Homer Roundtree Mustangs acquired by Ted Contri. Perhaps 44-63542 N5450V in Marysville, CA?
Curtis Fowles
09/25/2013 20:18
Good guesses, but still no joy.
Curtis Fowles
10/26/2013 08:12
Last Hint: Keep it simple. It's closer to home than you think.
Bill Lamb
10/30/2013 13:59
I believe this is Ed Maloney's 45-11582, probably being relieved of its Spam Can paint job.
Case Closed!
P-51 Mustang

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