The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Mustang at Reno 2012
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story / photos by Curtis Fowles

49th Annual Reno Air Races - September 12-16 2012

While still mourning the loss of a long-time Reno Air Racing pilot Jimmy Leeward and the tragic events of last year, the Reno Air Race Association has been worked extremely hard to get through many obstacles. Their hard work with the support of the Reno area and of course with all the fans, RARA has put on one of the best weeks of air racing ever.

The P-51 is still the fastest at Reno 2012.

After two years of not having a Sunday Gold Final, the 2012 Breitling Gold Race did not disappoint. After fighting off an initial rush from the Bear, Steven Hinton in Strega pulled away and the race was for 2nd. And great racing it was between team members Stewart Dawson in Rare Bear and Hoot Gibson in September Fury and wingtip to wingtip racing for 4th between Dennis Sanders in Dreadnought and Thom Richard in Precious Metal.

Reno11_4320t.jpg Reno11_4399t.jpg Reno11_4519t.jpg Reno11_4537t.jpg Reno11_4559t.jpg Reno11_4616t.jpg Reno11_4727t.jpg Reno11_4987t.jpg Reno11_5008t.jpg Reno11_5123t.jpg Reno11_5242t.jpg Reno11_5345t.jpg Reno11_5448t.jpg Reno11_5520t.jpg Reno11_5577t.jpg Reno11_5692t.jpg Reno11_5726t.jpg Reno11_5906t.jpg Reno11_6126t.jpg Reno11_6438t.jpg Reno11_6561t.jpg Reno11_6703t.jpg Reno11_6771t.jpg Reno11_6881t.jpg Reno11_6969t.jpg Reno11_7107t.jpg Reno11_7235t.jpg Reno11_7245t.jpg Reno12_10006t.jpg Reno12_10034t.jpg Reno12_10097t.jpg Reno12_10133t.jpg Reno12_10175t.jpg Reno12_10189t.jpg Reno12_10244t.jpg

During qualifying on Tuesday, the newly restored Sea Fury "Furias" qualified with the tail wheel hanging out. After posting a very good time, pilot Matt Jackson cycled the gear a few times trying to get "3 green" lights but could not get confirmation that the right gear was down and locked. After gently setting her down on 32, the right main collapsed dragging the right wing, hitting the prop and damaging the tail. Their hopes for 2012 are smashed. The aircraft look and sounded beautiful. Wish the best of luck getting her back in the air.

Reno12_10252t.jpg Reno12_10952t.jpg Reno12_10973t.jpg Reno12_10980t.jpg Reno12_11007t.jpg Reno12_11040t.jpg Reno12_11460t.jpg Reno12_11479t.jpg Reno12_11492t.jpg Reno12_11503t.jpg Reno12_11553t.jpg Reno12_11567t.jpg Reno12_11570t.jpg Reno12_11624t.jpg Reno12_11777t.jpg Reno12_11816t.jpg Reno12_11851t.jpg Reno12_12074t.jpg Reno12_12147t.jpg Reno12_12300t.jpg Reno12_12310t.jpg Reno12_12357t.jpg Reno12_12414t.jpg Reno12_12448t.jpg Reno12_12457t.jpg Reno12_12700t.jpg Reno12_12874t.jpg Reno12_12967t.jpg Reno12_12991t.jpg Reno12_13149t.jpg Reno12_13330t.jpg Reno12_13354t.jpg Reno12_13380t.jpg Reno12_13440t.jpg Reno12_13447t.jpg

There was great racing in all classes this year even though numbers of racers were down a bit largely because the green light for the event did not come until later. The weather was terrific, with moderate winds during the afternoon. AIRSHOW Performers:

USAF F-22 Raptor Demo
US Navy F-18 Super Hornet Demo
David Martin - Extra 300S
Patriot Jet Team - Black L-39s
Jim Peitz - F33C Bonanza
Kent Pietch - Interstate Cadet
USAF Heritage Flight
US Navy Legacy Flight

The Reno Air Races are spectacular! What a phenomenal week of racing, air show performances and old friends.

49 Years Strong, and rolling into its 50th Anniversary in 2013! Make plans now, you will not want to miss out on the 50th year of Air Racing at Reno Nevada.

Reno12_13452t.jpg Reno12_13808t.jpg Reno12_13830t.jpg Reno12_13954t.jpg Reno12_14007t.jpg Reno12_7424t.jpg Reno12_7428t.jpg Reno12_7489t.jpg Reno12_7549t.jpg Reno12_7582t.jpg Reno12_7613t.jpg Reno12_7968t.jpg Reno12_8047t.jpg Reno12_8053t.jpg Reno12_8153t.jpg Reno12_8228t.jpg Reno12_8320t.jpg Reno12_8349t.jpg Reno12_8379t.jpg Reno12_8386t.jpg Reno12_8395t.jpg Reno12_8425t.jpg Reno12_8463t.jpg Reno12_8645t.jpg Reno12_8754t.jpg Reno12_8755t.jpg Reno12_8758t.jpg Reno12_8761t.jpg Reno12_9477t.jpg Reno12_9526t.jpg Reno12_9658t.jpg Reno12_9670t.jpg Reno12_9689t.jpg Reno12_9700t.jpg Reno12_9768t.jpg Reno12_9772t.jpg