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44-73254 N6328T "Louisiana Kid"
Wilhelm Heinz, Albstadt-Degerfeld Germany
P-51 Survivor 44-73254 N6328T
Status: Flying
NAA Type: P-51D-25NA
Serial #: 44-73254
Registry: N6328T
.. past:   N6328T
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History: 44-73254 N6328T "Louisiana Kid"

1947: Jun 7, RCAF 9571
1957: Feb 25, N6328T, James Defuria, stored outside Canberry, Manitoba Canada
1960: May 10, Aero Enterprises, Elkhart IN
1961: Oct 03, Clifford Pettit, Ligonier IN
1963: May 31, crashed/destroyed, Crumstown IN
197?: rebuilt using unknown airframe
1972: Jun 06, AC Lofgren, Battle Creek MI
1974: Aug 15, Don Weber, Baton Rouge LA, restoration
1978: first flight as "Buster", "B7 R"
2012: September - for sale - named "Yankee Trader"
2012: returned to airworthy status.
2012: Dec, sold, Wilhelm Heinz, Degerfeld Airfield Germany, EDSA
2013: Jan, shipped to Germany via container
2013: Mar, rebuilding to airworthy, new paint as "Louisiana Kid"
2013: May 1, first flight, Wilhelm Heinz as pilot - congratulations!
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