The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 273
44-14377     N33699     Closed
Solved by: Dick Phillips, Martin Kyburz
P-51 Who 273
Case#: 273
Date: Jan 27 2004
Photo: Norm Shea
Status: Closed
Serial: 44-14377
Registry: N33699
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Roger Baker
01/28/2004 21:54
Is this 44-72413, then registered NX33685? I don't have much Cleveland races era info, but that would be my guess. There was a movie named "Magic Town" starring James Stewart released in 1947. Does anyone know if the name painted on this airplane was a publicity thing for the movie?
Dick Phillips
03/18/2004 11:18
This is N33699, 44-14377. It was owned by Thomas Call in 1947 and entered in the 1947 Bendix race. Call hired Joe BeBona to fly the mustang named MAGIC TOWN. It finished in 2nd place. It was purchased in Sep 1948 by the FAD and serialed 1702. It was written off on 4 Feb 50 in Dominica.
Curtis Fowles - MustangsMustangs
03/30/2004 22:32
N33688 was recorded on this image from Norm Shea.
Dick Phillips
03/31/2004 17:52
No, it is defineatly N33699. I'm sending Curtis a side view photo showing the markings. However the tail number only shows as NX3369-. Last number blocked from view.
Marc Koelich
04/04/2004 20:38
Is this the all-black FAD-405 that can be seen in a couple of older FAD Mustang photos dated ca.1949?
This would explain the unique black paint scheme. There is a photo of N33699 with race # 90, but without the "Magic Town" inscription in the Latin American Mustangs book.
Martin / Swiss Mustangs
04/06/2004 06:29
I concur with Dick - it is N33699 - also see case #157 with all details. And it is the black FAD ship seen in early photos, Marc. Martin
Case Closed!
P-51 Mustang

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