The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 388
Solved by: TJ Johansen
P-51 Who 388
Case#: 388
Date: May 14 2011
By: Mark Strangio
Photo: Michigan City Airshow approx. 1963
(blueish P-51 on left)
Status: Closed
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T J Johansen
05/29/2011 15:42
I am fairly sure that this is N6318T which was most likely owned by Robert King of South Bend, IN at this timeframe. Another potential owner could have been Merlin "Al" Alson who was a partner in Aero Enterprises of Elkhart, IN.
Curtis Fowles
07/02/2011 13:43
Thanks TJ. We do not know the ID of this P-51 but not too many all blueish P-51s over the years. Possibles: N6318T 44-74602, N835J 44-73849. Keep trying, we would like some confirmation.
Bill Lamb
01/10/2012 19:28
Could this be Ron Hevle's N8673E? Shadows on the picture are in the approximate area of the stripes on his, but in the picture I have of his, it has a cuffed prop.
Curtis Fowles
04/07/2013 19:34
After looking at a blown-up version of the above pic and comparing it to a side view of N6318T when it was a light blue, the probability is high especially with the white wing-tips. The photos are not very clear, but with what we have today, I say TJ is right with N6318T 44-74602.
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