The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 59
44-64314     N551H     Closed
Solved by: Luchessi, Veich, Yoak, Smiley
P-51 Who 59
Case#: 59
Date: Jul 03 2000
Photo: unknown date
Recognize the place?
Status: Closed
Serial: 44-64314
Registry: N551H
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Mike Luchessi
07/14/2000 10:29
Case #59 looks like Mike Coutches very rare P-51H. I don't believe it has a name, but I think I see the standing yellow horse (similar to the 55th FG) on the tail, which would be a dead giveaway.
Chad Veich
07/15/2000 18:57
Gotta be Mike Coutches P-51H, I'm guessing at one of the Madera warbird gatherings but only because that is the only place I remember Mike bringing the bird out to.
Wiliam D. Yoak
08/04/2000 15:04
This is without a doubt, the H-model which is still owned an operated by Mike Coutches of Hayward,CA. It was operated by NACA as either NACA 129 or 130. It was in storage until it was acquired by Coutches in about 1966.Coutches entered this aircraft in the 1970 California 1000 Air Races at Mojave only, where he finished in 19th place out of twenty one or twenty two aircraft that participated. I spoke with Mike's son- Steve, at the Santa Maria Warbird Roundup in 1998.He was there in their D-model (Former NACA 128). He mentioned that the aircraft is only operated on certain occasions,such as air shows due to its rarity.
Leo Smiley
08/09/2000 17:26
Who is easy, Mike Coutches N551H #44-64314. When I would guess mid-late 70's by John Paul's "Sneak Attack" P-40 in the background, but place? Maybe Hayward or Oakland? ... wellllllllll. How about Madera? Just guessing at this point, only been there once! ... Big goof, Madera was'nt until later. Try Fresno.
08/31/2000 12:00
Fresno. We watched from inside and outside the show. My uncle lived not too far from the field. Lucky for me, I was able to attend many of the Gathering of Warbirds shows.
Case Closed!
P-51 Mustang

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