The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 63
44-72826     N344T     Closed
Solved by: William Yoak, Jim Church
P-51 Who 63
Case#: 63
Date: Aug 01 2000
By: Pete Clukey
Photo: 1980-82, Owl's Head Trans. Museum, Maine
coded MR X
Status: Closed
Serial: 44-72826
Registry: N344T
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Wiliam D. Yoak
08/11/2000 23:15
This was N6344T formerly owned by Max Ramsay of Johnson Kansas. Ramsay sold this aircraft in the late 70's to an individual whose name I do not remember. I was very well familiar with this aircraft as my late stepfather fixed it up and did routine maintenance on it for Ramsey during the mid to late 1970's.I think this aircraft was lost in a fatal accident in the early to mid 1980's but am not 100 % certain though. I vaguely remember hearing the the owner's son was flying it at the time.
Joseph Scheil
09/01/2000 10:00
True, but not destroyed as it became CF-BAU #2 to replace the prior CWH mustang. 3-85. It was again sold 4-91 and is N51YS and flew as Old Boy TJ-W and was based in Georgia. I think it is in the same paint but a new owner???
Jim Church
11/04/2000 15:49
Here is a little more on case #63. It is N6344T, which is s/n 44-72826, and is currently flying as N51YS with Steve Collins, of Atlanta, GA. Thankfully it was not lost in a fatal accident. The aircraft had been surplussed out of the Royal Canadian Air Force (where it had served as RCAF9568) and was sold to James Defuria, of Canastota, NY in 1957. The paint scheme in the photo was applied by owner Max Ramsay (hence the code MR-X), who owned the aircraft from 1975-78. Tom Watson was the next owner, and I would imagine that he had only recently bought it when the photo was taken. He had it repainted as 'Old Boy,' with the fuselage code now reading TJ-W for Tom J. Watson. It was then sold to Canada in 1985, where it became CF-BAU, a replacement for the for the Canadian Warplane Heritage Mustang with the same registration which was destroyed in a post-crash fire in 1984. Steve Collins bought it in '91, and it continues to fly as 'Old Boy.'
Robert DeGeneres
06/28/2017 15:10
T J Watson had IBM connections when I first met him. Tom Watson was his father who when running IBM helped the Nazis with the Holocaust. IBM supplied punch cards so he Germans could keep track of the Jewish population.
Case Closed!
P-51 Mustang

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