The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 72
44-74446     N1451D     Closed
Solved by: Jim Church
P-51 Who 72
Case#: 72
Date: Nov 01 2000
By: Chad Veich
Photo: unknown date/place
Status: Closed
Serial: 44-74446
Registry: N1451D
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Jim Church
11/04/2000 16:42
Case #72 again shows s/n 44-74446, which at the time of the photo was registered N1451D to Mike Clark, of Phoenix, Arizona. It was painted in a 78th FG paint scheme, with the name 'Unruly Julie.' It had been in Canada for a while as CF-LOR, and had also served in the RCAF as 9223. After a few crashes following its return to the states, it was rebuilt and currently flies with john Barnett, of Alta Loma, CA again as N1451D, following a very extensive rebuild by Square One Aviation. The location of the photo could be at one of the many warbird airshows held in Madera, CA during the '80s.
Chad Veich
11/20/2000 13:13
This photo of Mike Clark's "Unruly Julie" ... was taken sometime during the mid eighties at Deer Valley airport in the Phoenix area. Deer Valley was home to "Julie" during this period.
Dennis Strand
07/11/2011 14:39
I met Mike @ The Confederate Air Force Show, Harlengin, Tx, 1982.
Nice guy for sure. I remember reading about his 51 crashing at Chino airport, after an extensive rebuild. Lost track of it at that point. I'm doubtful the photo was taken at Madera, as I was a committee member for the 'Gathering of Warbirds' the years it was alive and doing well. Nice to be able to find something on the web of Mikes 51.

'sustineo alas'
D. Strand

Case Closed!
P-51 Mustang

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