The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 291
A68-198     F-AZIE     Closed
Solved by: Chris Abrey
P-51 Who 291
Case#: 291
Date: Jun 01 2004
unknown photo
Status: Closed
Serial: A68-198
Registry: F-AZIE
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Jim Church
06/02/2004 07:24
Any chance this could be Anders Saether's N167F, s/n 44-73877, before restoration (around 1980) by Darrel Skurich/Vintage Aircraft? If so, that makes it ex-RCAF9279, ex-N6320T, ex-CF-PCZ. Now flies O.D./Neutral Grey coors as Bud Anderson's 'Old Crow.'
T J Johansen
06/07/2004 10:14
I am not sure N167F had military colors before Anders Sæther bought it. It did wear a standard civilian a paint job in the early 1970s, when owned by Paul Finefrock.
Chris Abrey
12/23/2004 04:43
Looks like A68-198 N286JB after it's in flight fire in France in 1993 then registerd F-AZIE.
11/02/2009 18:57
It is not N167F. I have several pics of it when it was outside the hanger at Daryl's place. It never looked that bad! Also the plane was always parked on concrete or asphalt.
kim powell
05/25/2010 13:07
Mustang formerly owned by John Schaffsen , sold to Kermit Weeks ??????
Case Closed!
P-51 Mustang

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