The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 71
Solved by: Chad Veich, Jim Church, Rangoon, Greg Bolyard, J.Perri
P-51 Who 71
Case#: 71
Date: Oct 15 2000
By: Dave Hackett
Photo: somewhere in North America
Status: Closed
P-51 Who? Viewer Responses
Chad Veich
11/09/2000 23:13
Just a stab in the dark here as I have no info other than to say it appears
to be on display inside the Tillamook Museum hangar. One of Erickson's
Jim Church
11/13/2000 11:12
The location of case #71 MUST be the Tillamook NAS museum. In that case, my guess would be that it is a Mustang that was statically restored by museum staff from what I think was an airframe which had crashed during the war in Europe (I think). I don't recall where I had read this, or what the serial number for this airframe is, but I do remember that much of the airframe is made from fiberglass. There is no mention of it on the Tillamook Museum web site, but I know I read about it on line or in a magazine recently.
11/17/2000 21:41
The somewhere is The Tillamook Naval Air Station blimp hanger . This old base has been closed for years, it is now the home of the Tillamook Air Museum. Many neat and rare aircraft including a Grumman Duck, Catalina and Boeing Guppy. I don't know the ID of that P51D however, and when I last saw it , it did not appear complete.
11/23/2000 12:29
This is a photo of the P-51 located in the old blimp hangar at Tillamook NAS, Oregon.
Greg Bolyard
12/16/2000 21:27
This p-51 is at the Tillamook, forgive the spelling, Oregon air museum. This mustang is not in flying condition , in fact it is empty inside ,and used to be a gate guardian at some air base somewhere.
Joseph Scheil
12/20/2000 22:35
It's the Tillamook.
J Perri
01/03/2001 20:51
#71 Mustang at Tillamook Naval Air Museum Oregan USA
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